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But why are older CEOs more likely to invest in sustainability? We propose it’s because of their perspective on time.

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, was going to save the planet. Anita claimed to have made social and environmental action part of her company while building it into a global brand.

Increasing CEO myopia is affecting executives’ ability to create long-term value. Over the past 20 years, the average CEO tenure fell from eight years to less than four years and CEOs are under growing pressure to produce quick results.

Whether you’re looking for Sustainability 101 or cutting-edge research, this top 10 list will get you started.

Numerous high-profile, profitable firms have engaged in illegal activities to improve their performance. In recent history, we can easily recall the experiences of Enron, Arthur Anderson and Barings Bank.

How can sustainability knowledge be diffused among colleagues and employees? A number of factors facilitate organizational learning, and the results of the learning processes.

Multinational corporations are standardizing their environmental policies worldwide based on pressures from government, industry and consumers.

Managers' disagreements about "good judgment" result from their different ideologies. Depending on the manager's underlying ideologies, their management styles may have either a positive or negative spin.

Organizations are more likely to show commitment to CSR programs when the monetary or physical obligation is far in the future.

Environmental change comes from leaders who promote others’ welfare, motivate change, and can act in different leadership roles.

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