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Tag: Organizational culture

Look for certain qualities to identify employees who will tackle a company’s sustainability challenges.


Humans want stability — but face change. Companies must help workers adjust to everything from market shifts to sustainability challenges.

Summer interns with EDF Climate Corps have made many companies greener. Their experiences have lessons for long-term employees.

Organizations need to help employees in stressful circumstances cope. War medics' experiences show the need for meaningfulness at work.

The Embedding Sustainability Working Group was launched to provide companies with research and guidance on how to embed sustainability.

What happens when practices once taken for granted – like smoking in the workplace – start to become less acceptable?

Researchers have uncovered an exciting path forward for many organizations – one that upends common assumptions about organizational change.

Research suggests norms for political correctness can positively effect workplace creativity by sharpening an individual’s contribution to a group.

How do CSR activities influence financial performance? A new study shows that CSR activities are associated with higher financial performance in part through their impact on employees.

High performance teams often face opposing management strategies. Blending styles shows benefits in microfinance.

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