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Small businesses that proactively pursue CSR perform better than their penny-pinching peers.

But why are older CEOs more likely to invest in sustainability? We propose it’s because of their perspective on time.

Does your small business lack a formal strategy? CSR may be the answer.

Due to a “perfect storm” of economic, social and environmental factors, our business landscape is becoming more and more volatile.

The profit motive can accelerate (not inhibit) the transformation toward global sustainability.

Customers increasingly want to deal with socially and environmentally conscious businesses.

A key place to find new value is corporate social responsibility (CSR) — initiatives that drive economics as well as social or environmental agendas. But most of the research in this area has focused on large firms. How do small companies identify and leverage CSR opportunities?

Can small firms truly go beyond the basics and form proactive environmental strategies?

Increasing CEO myopia is affecting executives’ ability to create long-term value. Over the past 20 years, the average CEO tenure fell from eight years to less than four years and CEOs are under growing pressure to produce quick results.

Multinational corporations are standardizing their environmental policies worldwide based on pressures from government, industry and consumers.

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