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Collaborations can be tense and complex. This tool responds to the question: How can managers improve competitor collaboration to advance sustainability. Collaborations can be tense and complex. Based on interviews and an extensive review of resea...

Systematic Review

This guide enables managers to make the case for a competitor collaboration to colleagues or leaders, and determine satisfaction with current projects.  How can business collaborate with competitors to identify and implement sustainability solu...


Pooling resources, intelligence, leadership, and common sustainability goals with other companies, even with competitors, can elevate the level of results. The sustainability challenges our world faces today are too big for any individual company ...

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NBS invites you to our upcoming breakfast forum and workshop, Collaborating with the Competition, taking place on September 9, 2016 in Toronto. On September 9, 2016, 40+ sustainability leaders, executives and NGO professionals met to discuss how t...

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For decades, a fashion powerhouse tried improving its supply chain. The more it did, the more it realized it could only be done collectively—as an industry. “When you have protesters in front of your shop windows, you react quickly.”  So observed...

Garima Sharma
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In this video, Dr. DiVito illustrates what managers who are considering competitor collaboration need to know. They are competitors. But more importantly they are competitors collaborating to improve sustainability in their industries. In this vi...