Reports and Articles
January 22, 2015

This report signals a shift in our perception of the role sustainability plays in Canadian business.

May 23, 2018

Complexity is everywhere, bringing uncertainty and interdependence. Managing it requires "systems thinking" — expanding your mental model.

Maya Fischhoff
Research Insight
September 28, 2012

Research proposes three ways small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can tackle ISO 14001 certification.

Céline Fiorucci
Research Insight
October 25, 2011

Customers increasingly want to deal with socially and environmentally conscious businesses. This presents opportunities for small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners to develop new areas of competitive advantage. Capitalizing on sustainability opportunities can lead to longevity, but requires managers who can integrate a sustainable development framework into their company’s strategy.

Mark DesJardine
Reports and Articles
April 19, 2018

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often don’t have the sustainability information needed for action. This report shows how to build knowledge.

Marie-France Turcotte
Research Insight
September 21, 2010

Research finds good stakeholder relations are a key factor in sustaining above-average financial performance.

Pam Laughland
Research Insight
August 30, 2010

To limit their conflicts with local communities, managers of multinational corporations (MNCs) must consider three interrelated factors: power inequality,...

Alberto Fonseca
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March 13, 2019

It sounds simple — one business’s waste becomes another’s input. But the reality is challenging. Three case studies provide best practices.

Samuli Patala
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September 14, 2012

Businesses can manage natural capital – the natural resources that fuel economic growth. Here are five key steps your business can take. 

Nancy Olewiler
Michelle Molnar
Reports and Articles
October 31, 2013

This report identifies SME-specific challenges, while highlighting the contributions of small firms towards sustainability.

Research Insight
August 15, 2011

Insiders — and not just those at the top of the organization — can instigate cultural changes without disrupting the current corporate culture.

Jennifer G. Irwin
Reports and Articles
October 27, 2018

Innovation is the key to reducing fossil fuel emissions. A study of the oil sands identifies two paths forward.

Sylvia Grewatsch
Tima Bansal
Joel Gehman
Reports and Articles
April 14, 2015

The B Lab is more than a certifying body. It is a platform for companies (B Corps) to contribute to – not just profit from – community and environment.

Kevin Hurren
Tara Hadler
Research Insight
April 15, 2013

Your company’s environmental track record will strongly influence whether or not people blame you when things go wrong. 

Patrick Callan
Research Insight
February 3, 2014

Implementing ISO 14001 is not only a response to pressure from external stakeholders, including government.

Agnès Rossignol
Reports and Articles
September 5, 2013

Quick and easy changes in your small business can help you cut costs, increase revenues, keep great employees, and build community goodwill.  Why go green?...

Maya Fischhoff
Reports and Articles
April 29, 2011

When uncertainty exists, the tendency is to do nothing. Avoid the paralysis of inaction that will leave your firm unprepared for extreme climate events. 

Research Insight
April 11, 2014

In small businesses, size and flat hierarchies make ecodesign changes easier to implement.

Marie Demode
Reports and Articles
February 27, 2017

Maps help us make sense of our complex world. LCAs can do the same for your business.

Céline Zollinger
Research Insight
September 12, 2011

A supplier network can pave the way to a reliable and profitable supply chain. Here are five keys to success.

Anthea Rowe