Who We Are

Who We Are

NBS is a growing network of more than 7,000 researchers and managers committed to advancing sustainable business. 
We believe businesses need access to rigorous, relevant research to support their decisions – and researchers need to understand real-world business challenges to ask relevant questions.

We aim to shape management practice and research with the resources we produce and the dialogue we facilitate.

At NBS, we define business sustainability as: Business models and decisions that create economic value and that benefit the world today and tomorrow.

NBS's Journey

From 2005-2015, we produced research on the Canadian business community's top sustainability challenges. Our business partners came to consensus on their most pressing challenges, and we recruited globally renowned researchers to help study the issues. 

We managed the research co-creation process, ensuring meaningful input from both research and practice, and rigorous, relevant outputs. We then translated the research into practical planning resources for business and disseminated them worldwide at no cost.

Partners are cross-sectoral sustainability leaders. 

NBS has a history of deep, meaningful partnerships with a range of companies, from large firms to SMEs. We’ve also worked closely with 15 industry associations, helping mobilize our work to more than 30,000 companies. 

This deep engagement has been enabled by a public-private funding model. Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) provided $2.1 million from 2008-2015. Those funds were matched 1:1 by support from our corporate partners.

Many of our partners, including TD Bank, Suncor, Tim Hortons, Canadian Pacific Railway, Telus, Tembec, Unilever, and Holcim, have re-engaged with us year after year. They do so because the knowledge created at the nexus of research and practice pushes their thinking.

“NBS is really a conduit in terms of knowledge generation for other sectors and organizations,” explains Michael Gullo, Director of Policy, Economic & Environmental Affairs at the Railway Association of Canada. 

Tim Faveri, Former Director of Sustainability and Responsibility at Tim Hortons, provides insight into his personal experience. “Working with NBS has helped me grow as a sustainability practitioner," explains Faveri.  "My involvement allowed me to stay informed on important and emerging sustainability issues and trends. I was able to see what other sustainability leaders were doing and learn from their experiences.” 

“There's a need for academic rigour – a need for somebody to be at a certain distance and have permission to criticize you, which you don't always get with consultants.”  

James Gray Donald, Bentall Kennedy

NBS has also had a profound impact on our academic partners. Many of our research partners shift their careers. They are inspired to continue working closely with practitioners, finding answers to real-world problems.

One NBS Systematic Review author described the experience: “No one has made as much of an impact (as NBS) on my career, even in my doctoral program.”

The sustainability landscape is changing. So are we. 

Business sustainability has evolved since 2005. Companies are more familiar with sustainability issues and many have reaped the low hanging fruit of operational efficiencies.
However, solutions to complex, systems-level problems, such as climate change and social inequality, remain elusive. Tackling these challenges will require innovative thought and action and new partnerships. In response to this evolving need, NBS is shifting its activities. 
With support from SSHRC and our corporate partners, we will enable the co-creation of knowledge and solutions, in Canada and globally. Learn more about our new activities here.


Picture of Tima Bansal, Executive Director 

Tima Bansal, Executive Director 

As the Executive Director for NBS, Tima sets NBS's organizational vision, serves as the principal investigator on our federal research grants and provides direction regarding strategic objectives. 

Learn more about Tima.
Picture of Julia Bevacqua, Digital Engagement Coordinator

Julia Bevacqua, Digital Engagement Coordinator

Julia supports execution of a broad range of NBS activities. She coordinates projects, organizes event logistics and supports online communication activities.

Learn more about Julia.
Picture of Charles Duprez, Specialist, Digital Strategy & Sustainability Engagement

Charles Duprez, Specialist, Digital Strategy & Sustainability Engagement

Charles gives strategic input on NBS/REDD's digital engagement activities, including strategies for growing the NBS network and improving members' online experience. He also leads execution on key digital projects and contributes to content creation.

Learn more about Charles.
Picture of Maya Fischhoff, Knowledge Manager

Maya Fischhoff, Knowledge Manager

As the Knowledge Manager for NBS, Maya develops and oversees NBS’s knowledge products (including systematic reviews, executive reports for business leaders, and applied guides and tools).

Learn more about Maya.

Picture of Sylvia Grewatsch, Postdoctoral Fellow

Sylvia Grewatsch, Postdoctoral Fellow

Sylvia is part of the NBS innovation research team that explores and analyzes innovation processes at Canadian organizations. The aim of this project is to establish innovation processes for sustainability and for shared value creation.

Learn more about Sylvia.
Picture of Chelsea Hicks-Webster, Operations Manager<br>

Chelsea Hicks-Webster, Operations Manager

Chelsea manages the daily activities of NBS’s Anglophone office in London, Canada. She aims to ensure all staff have the information and resources needed to make their projects a success.

Learn more about Chelsea.
Picture of Ghaid Saadaldin, Specialist, Digital Engagement

Ghaid Saadaldin, Specialist, Digital Engagement

Ghaid supports many of NBS's digital communication activities, particularly the technical aspects. She plays an important role in scoping and implementing new communications tools. She also collects, interprets and shares key impact data to inform NBS activities while running communications campaigns to increase content reach and impact.

Learn more about Ghaid.
Picture of Garima Sharma, Lead, Co-creation resources

Garima Sharma, Lead, Co-creation resources

Garima supports NBS's approach toward knowledge co-creation by developing resources that allow researchers and managers to effectively collaborate. She writes for NBS's newsletter for the academic community and is studying and documenting NBS's co-creation process.

Learn more about Garima.
Picture of Marie-France Turcotte, Director, Montreal Office (REDD)

Marie-France Turcotte, Director, Montreal Office (REDD)

Marie-France Turcotte is the Director of NBS's Montreal office and oversees all its activities. She is also a professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), department of strategy, social and environmental responsibility.

Learn more about Marie-France.

Contact Us

Our Anglophone office is located at the Ivey Business School, Western University. 
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Our Francophone office is located at the Université du Québec à Montréal.
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Let us know when you start a project, if you are looking for collaboration, an expert or the latest evidence.

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