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Do you know a new way for business to lead positive change? Share your research or experience with the NBS Community by co-creating content with us. 

The Network for Business Sustainability links sustainability-minded managers, researchers and students from across the globe. We want to mobilize the insights of individuals within the network to accelerate learning and action. 

Our ask?  

If you know of a novel, high-impact approach to business sustainability, spend five minutes telling us about it here. NBS staff and advisors will explore whether your idea might become a blog, podcast, or social media item.

In 2023, we are prioritizing knowledge that relates to the priorities set by the NBS community. We detail these in our article “Top Business Sustainability Issues of 2023″. Please check these out for additional guidance.

NBS Forum

Do you have an idea, question, or opportunity you’d like to share directly with the NBS Community? The NBS Forum is for you. Use the Forum to discuss sustainability topics with other NBS members. 

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