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Climate Change

The weather patterns on our planet are changing, influenced by human activities such as burning fossil fuels and wasteful industrial processes. The consequences threaten human health, ecosystems, and the economy – yet opportunities exist as well.  

Many businesses are responding by seeking to:

  • Understand how the climate is changing and specific relevant impacts
  • Reduce or mitigate their contribution to climate change (actions sometimes called “Net Zero”)
  • Adapt their business to gain resilience, recognizing that climate change will alter physical, social, and economic systems
  • Restore ecological systems, moving from “less harm” to “more good” (sometimes called “regeneration”).

NBS helps businesses on this journey. Our resources and community provide guidance on preparing for a different world – and shaping the world that we seek. 

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The Latest of Climate Change

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Leaders from international organizations share resources and services for educators teaching sustainability in business schools. Learn how they can support you!

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Sustainability challenges are urgent. Can solutions come quickly? The answer depends on the reach and radicalness of the innovation.

People have valid questions about climate change causes, impacts, and solutions. Here are evidence-informed answers.

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International educators share how they’ve used Climate Literacy Training to inform their teaching, educate other faculty, or connect with practitioners – and how you can do it too.

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The Basics of Climate Change

25th St SW direction sign floating above a flooded landscape

What is Climate Change?

Chelsea Hicks-Webster, Kelsey Dyez | May 18, 2022
Learn what science says about climate change’s causes, impacts and solutions — especially for business

3 firefighters hosing down a fire

How Can Businesses Adapt to Climate Change?

Chelsea Hicks-Webster, Jury Gualandris | October 17, 2022
Climate change is already impacting businesses physically and financially. Here’s how you can manage the risks and opportunities.

Solar panels in forest

How to Be a Net Zero Company

Matthew Lynch, Rob Klassen, Chelsea Hicks-Webster | November 21, 2022
Many businesses are setting a “net zero” target to help address climate change. Find out how to tackle net zero in your company.

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