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Resources for Researchers & Educators

Are you a researcher who studies sustainable business? Do you believe that research can — and should — create real-world impact?

You’re in the right place. We have seven opportunities for you to grow your impact.

1. Draw on 800 resources on sustainability.

Our resource library offers evidence-based content on the frontier of sustainable business. Material is based on the research and experience of managers and academics in our network and is written in an accessible and engaging way.

Wherever possible, our content is also co-created. That means we bring members with complementary ideas together to create new thinking.

NBS also provides resources on how to integrate sustainability into teaching, research, and outreach. Academia-specific resources include our Table of Contents (a monthly compilation of the latest research on management and sustainability), inspiring case studies from other schools, and content focused specifically on the work of business school sustainability centres.

Resources for Academics

2. Engage with the network

Get involved with the NBS Community by following us on social media (LinkedInTwitterFacebook, or Instagram), sharing your opportunities and ideas with us, and emailing us with any outstanding questions or requests. 

3. Produce research that will change the world

NBS seeks to bridge the gap between research and business practice. We have deep experience facilitating knowledge co-creation between these communities and have created a resource library to help researchers co-create rigorous knowledge with practitioners.

4. Contribute an article

Do you know a new way for business to lead positive change? Share your research or experience with the NBS Community by co-creating content with us.

To start, simply tell us about the idea you’d like to share. We’ll assess how we can help you transform it into a podcast, blog, or tweet that will create real impact.

5. Apply for the ONE-SIM Outreach Award

The ONE-SIM Outreach Award, supported by NBS, recognizes management scholars who reach out and communicate their insights to broader audiences. Submissions are due April 30.

For 10 years, NBS sponsored the Research Impact on Practice Award, which recognized research with important implications for practice.

6. Use the Table of Contents

Every month, NBS compiles the latest business sustainability research. We prioritize in-press articles, in order to highlight cutting-edge knowledge. The list draws from Financial Times Top 50 journals and other publications. The list of journals drawn from can be found here.

7. Join the Sustainability Centres Community (SCC)

Do you manage a business sustainability centre housed at a university? Is your centre teaching, conducting research, and working with industry to make social and environmental change? Join an engaged, virtual community of nearly 200 sustainability centres from around the world.

Top Posts for Researchers & Educators

Sustainability centre staff and directors from around the world discuss three approaches for doing research with impact.

Whether you teach accounting, marketing, or finance, sustainability is key. Browse NBS’s resources for your class and inspire your teaching.

Your research on business sustainability can impact the world. Share it with practitioners by using our step-by-step guide to “research translation.”


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