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As leaders face new challenges presented by climate change, pandemics, and social unrest, access to trustworthy resources is more important than ever.

The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) and the Ivey Business School is dedicated to making business more equitable and ecologically sound by providing leaders with the evidence-based information they need, in a changing world.

NBS resources are used by thousands of industry leaders, from different industries around the world.

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Stand behind the issues you believe in. Be part of a movement towards better business. Make a gift in support of NBS today.

When you make a gift online, you’ll be guided through Ivey’s donation procedure. To direct your support to NBS, please:

  • Select the “Other” button;
  • Type “Network for Business Sustainability”

Your gift provides NBS with the resources to create new content and amplify the research that guides sustainable business decision-making around the world.  Thank you!

Organizational Partnerships

Is your organization interested in collaborating on things like co-sponsoring a series of NBS content? Let’s talk! Contact Abby Litchfield (alitchfield@nbs.net) to learn how we can increase our shared impact.

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