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Sustainability won’t succeed without every sector of society. The public sector — government and non-governmental organizations — plays a vital role.  

At NBS, we want to support you in the work that you do, and especially its intersection with business. We provide opportunities to learn and share your expertise.  

We have some powerful opportunities for you to grow your impact.

1. Learn from our content

The Network for Business Sustainability offers evidence-based content at the frontier of sustainability. Information is based on the research and experience of managers and academics in the network.  

Wherever possible, our content is also co-created. That means we bring members with complementary ideas together to create new thinking. 

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3. Engage with the Community

Get involved with the NBS Community by following us on social media (LinkedInTwitterFacebook, or Instagram), sharing your opportunities and ideas with us, and emailing us with any outstanding questions or requests. 

4. Contribute an article

You spend countless hours researching, writing and producing projects and papers. Why not share your work, so the world can benefit? 

To start, simply tell the NBS team about the idea you’d like to share. We’ll assess how we can help you transform it into a podcast, blog, or tweet that will create real impact. 

Top Posts for Policymakers & NGOs


African countries can thrive amidst climate change. But the international community needs to support a Just Transition. Climate expert Eunice Sampson explains.


The right government policy can trigger a transition away from fossil fuels. Learn best practices for low-carbon policy.

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Indigenous insights show how to advance all forms of development, from the economic to the social. A project in Aotearoa/New Zealand shares lessons. 

Refugees are an overlooked talent pool. Working with a non-profit organization can smooth the hiring process.

Natural areas dramatically reduce property damage from extreme weather. New research shows the financial benefits.

A Montréal borough envisioned the city of the future. Now they are building it, for residents and businesses.

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