Social Justice

All people have equal rights and should have equal access to opportunities. That’s the principle of social justice and its linked concept, human rights.

Those ideals can seem abstract. But frameworks like the Sustainable Development Goals aim to translate social justice into concrete goals and metrics.

For businesses, addressing social justice includes treating workers fairly and engaging respectfully with communities. That approach benefits everyone. For example, employees, suppliers, and partners who feel respected and safe are more loyal and productive.

NBS guidance on social justice and social sustainability covers a host of topics, from the basics of employee and community engagement to ever-evolving issues like climate justice, modern slavery and inclusive workplaces.

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The Latest of Social Justice

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Indigenous insights show how to advance all forms of development, from the economic to the social. A project in Aotearoa/New Zealand shares lessons. 

Innovation North’s Compass helps businesses innovate for a better future. It’s a practical guide to positive change.

Communication is key for activist impact. Here’s how to be heard on the causes you care about.

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“Efficiency culture” poisons partnerships between Western organizations and Indigenous peoples. Here are 4 tips for better partnerships.

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The Basics of Social Justice


Being aware of our unconscious beliefs gives us new opportunities to behave sustainably. A business scholar and parenting coach explain.

Empathy is a skill needed for business and society. Goa Institute of Management shares its innovative strategy for developing empathy in business students.

The corporate reporting landscape can be overwhelming. This article describes key types of annual reports and advice for choosing among them.

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Greenwashing harms the planet and can hurt your company’s bottom line. Here’s how to make your sustainability claims accurate.


Art and music can spark imagination, drive emotion, and create meaning. Businesses can use this power to advance sustainability.


International migration is part of our world. Businesses have a central role in managing this workforce. Learn more from the experts.


Business school students want to create sustainability impact. Here’s how educators can help students drive change.


Carbon reporting is becoming mandatory for many companies. Find out how your can get ready to disclose its carbon emissions and policies.


After NBS issued a statement on the Ukraine War, stakeholders weighed in. Director Jury Gualandris shares lessons about crisis response.


Carbon reporting isn’t a perfect system. But it can help you to lower climate-related financial risk, spur innovation and reduce emissions.

Sustainable finance provides benefits for business and the planet. Find out what it is, why it matters, and how to get beyond the talk.

Conscious consumerism can mean more sustainable impact. But it’s a goal companies and consumers need to achieve together.

Engaging through the Network for Business Sustainability is better than ever. Check out our new capabilities.


Learn what science says about climate change’s causes, impacts and solutions — especially for business.

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Sustainable development requires social sustainability. Understand what it means and how your business can contribute.

What Is Social Sustainability?

Devika Agarwal, Maya Fischhoff, Joe Gilvesy | December 13, 2021
Sustainable development requires social sustainability. Understand what it means and how your business can contribute.

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