NBS's Leadership Council meets annually to identify the greatest challenges facing Canadian business. Each year, NBS selects two research priorities from those challenges and funds leading international researchers to conduct rigorous systematic reviews of the topics.

10 Questions Define the Sustainability Challenges in 2014

  1. How can businesses act for tomorrow today?
  2. How can companies design resilient sustainability programs that can survive leadership changes, economic downturns, political shifts and other setbacks?
  3. How can companies most effectively engage with activist groups and NGOs on controversial issues?
  4. How can companies combat consumer apathy to build active support for sustainability initiatives?
  5. How can firms create a pragmatic connection between sustainability and innovation?
  6. How can firms improve overall performance by embedding sustainability throughout their value chains?
  7. What are the appropriate metrics for sustainable development in a natural resource, export-based and growing economy such as Canada’s?
  8. What are the best ways for businesses to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives on sustainability, and include Aboriginal communities in discussion of projects that affect their interests?



Past Sustainability Challenges

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  • How can businesses act for tomorrow today? Research Topic

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  • How can companies best engage value chain, industry and NGO partners to achieve sustainability goals?
    Read the Systematic Review on Sustainable Partnerships
  • How can businesses help Canadians become informed, inspired and engaged in a national dialogue about responsible consumption?
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Further Research Required

Because of resource limitations, NBS can address only the top two or three business sustainability challenges every year. Therefore, we strongly encourage management researchers to undertake their own projects on the remaining issues. Please let us know about your work.