Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) can, and often do, embrace social, environmental and economic sustainability as part of their business operations even when it might not be named as such and can seem far removed from core activities. SME owner-managers are often keen to ensure a strong, positive legacy for their business, especially where the business is a family concern. Their smallness can actually be an advantage: owner-managers can strongly influence employee behaviour and a lack of formal management structures can make change easier. SMEs can also adapt quickly and agilely when it suits them, leaving them well-positioned to take advantage of new niche markets for products or services with socially responsible components. Find resources and information on sustainability and SMEs here.


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Why “Local” Is a Selling Point


Globalization is under fire. Researcher Leanne Cutcher unpacks the appeal and power of “local” — and why we can’t truly break away from global dynamics.

How Social Entrepreneurs Can Rethink Trade-Offs


Successful social entrepreneurs know it’s not an “either/or” question – it’s “both/and” leadership.

The Social Economy: From IT to the Circus, Building Community and Commerce


“Social economy.” It’s a term we increasingly hear in media, business and certainly the academic sphere. Yet, its meaning is not always clear.  Social economy… Read More

House of Culture & Convergence


In the late 90s, Cirque du Soleil, En Piste and the National Circus School wanted to create a platform for circus arts. As key organizations… Read More

How Insertech Sets High Standards for Social Enterprises


Even motivated individuals can find themselves down on their luck. Perhaps they immigrated to a new community in which their skillset doesn’t match the labour… Read More

Sustainability Strategy


Researchers look at how firms get involved with CSR, not just why.

SME Sustainability Challenges 2014


Download(s): SME Report

For the third consecutive year, NBS’s Montréal office met with the SME Council to discuss their sustainability priorities. NBS was pleased to welcome several new… Read More

Game of Loans


High performance teams often face opposing management strategies. Rodrigo Canales explores pros and cons of management strategies in microfinance.

The Goldilocks Principle


No company can function independently from the community in which it operates. This is especially true for small businesses. What’s more, a mutually supportive company-community… Read More

Six Tips to Help SMEs with Ecodesign


In small businesses, size and flat hierarchies make ecodesign changes easier to implement.

SME Sustainability Challenges 2013


Download(s): SME Challenges Report 2013

For the second consecutive year, this report identifies SME-specific challenges, while highlighting the contributions of small firms towards sustainability. This year, NBS’s SME Council brought… Read More

How to Make Money by Going Green


In this economy, every business needs an edge. A new guide called How to Make Money by Going Green identifies actions small businesses can take that will… Read More

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