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Elizabeth Doty

Director, Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce

Erb Institute, University of Michigan

MBA in Operations Management, Harvard Business School

Elizabeth Doty is an author, facilitator, and researcher focused on increasing the positive societal impact of business. She currently serves as the Director of the Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce at the Erb Institute for Sustainability in Business at the University of Michigan, whose mission is to help companies better align their interactions with government and civil society with their commitments to values, purpose, sustainability and stakeholders. As a Lab Fellow at the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, Elizabeth’s research with Dr. Maryam Kouchaki and Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino surfaced seven breakdowns that undermine companies’ ability to deliver on their commitments to stakeholders. For 27 years, Elizabeth has led Leadership Momentum, a boutique consultancy that has helped clients in over a dozen industries clarify their values and build cultures of commitment, collaboration and action.

Articles by Elizabeth

How Can Companies Use Their Political Influence Responsibly?


Companies' political engagement should actively support the systems on which we all depend. That’s “Corporate Political Responsibility.”

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