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Author: Kate Berrisford

This article makes it easy to understand what biodiversity is and why it's so important, by providing a simple and visual definition.

Biodiversity is a solution to great challenges, from climate change to poverty to food security. How does business impact biodiversity?

Threats to biodiversity are mounting. Businesses need to understand the dangers—and the opportunities for action.


  • Kate Berrisford

    Kate Berrisford uses communication, partnerships and research to create positive impact. She has a law degree (LLB) and a Masters degree in environmental management (MPhil). Based in South Africa, she has centred her work on topics including climate change, biodiversity, and urban sustainability. She co-authored the Local Action for Biodiversity Guidebook for ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, coordinated the drafting of the Durban Commitment on Biodiversity, founded and managed the Green Africa Directory, and was lead author of the UNEP, UN-HABITAT and ICLEI publication Viumbe Hai: African Cities, Ecosystems and Biodiversity.

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