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Sourabh Jain

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ivey Business School

Sourabh Jain is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ivey Business School. His research interests include systems thinking, data analytics, and mathematical modelling to address issues relating to circular economy and sustainability. His research focuses on quantifying from a life cycle perspective the extent to which the repurposing of food discards between businesses mitigates climate change. The research considers cognitive, operational, and institutional factors affecting circularity within and across businesses. Prior to joining as a Postdoctoral Fellow, Sourabh completed his PhD on urban resource efficiency in India from TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi. He also worked as Renewable Energy Specialist and was involved in planning and execution of large-scale solar projects in India.

Articles by Sourabh

When Does the Circular Economy Improve Agri-food Sustainability?

The circular economy could reduce food waste and make agrifood more sustainable. But solutions aren’t automatic.

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