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From Tima's Desk

“At this time of unprecedented change and disruption, ideas about sustainable business are evolving quickly. Leaders can fuel critical change by actively mobilizing good ideas on the frontier of knowledge.

In writing from my desk, I hope to bring some of those good ideas to you. I highlight published and in-process articles I’ve read, observations I’ve made, and conversations that have piqued my interest and provoked my thinking. I hope my musings will similarly provoke yours.”

— Dr. Tima Bansal

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For social justice and for human survival, the Indigenous worldview needs to become our guide for decisions. Businesses can play a role in this transition.

Business school students want to change their curriculum and the broader world. Let’s talk about how they can do it.

Current approaches to business — and business sustainability — are not working. Companies need a business model focused not only on profits, but also on waste.

Businesses often seek to scale up, but COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to think about scaling down and deep.

The ‘new normal’ will make business more productive, but society more unequal. It’s time for a social reset.

The coronavirus and climate change are very different problems. But the global response to the coronavirus gives me hope that we can tackle other major threats.

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