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December 2020: Network News


Sustainable Business Models Need to Focus on Waste

Current approaches to business sustainability are not working. Tomorrow’s company needs a different business model, focusing not only on profits, but also waste. Dr. Tima Bansal, NBS’s Executive Director, writes this column.

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How More Women Can Become Company Leaders

A small number of women are quickly entering company leadership positions. But growing their numbers will take increased effort.
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Imagine a Perfect Society: NBS Members’ Vision

To build the future, we need to imagine it. A perfect society will be one with greater opportunity, meaning, and balance, NBS members say.

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Good Wishes for the New Year

 2020 was an unprecedented year in so many ways. The pandemic created injustices, inequalities, and tragedies. And issues often previously neglected, such as Black Lives Matter and MeToo, came to the foreground. Although most of us experienced hardship, 2020 also showed us the importance of our collective enterprise and shared prosperity. It showed us opportunities to improve both our own lives and those around us. Our future depends on our ability to work together. We at NBS want to wish you, your families, and your communities happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2021. 

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