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Meet the small but mighty team of faculty and staff who facilitate the Network for Business Sustainability’s activities.

We are located across Canada and the United States and operate in both English and French. We are also diverse in our backgrounds — from PhDs in business to professional communications experience. But we all share the belief that business can — and must — be a force for creating sustainable human societies.

Our bios and profiles are below, with information about how to engage with each of us. And in case you’re interested, we’ve shared here some of the content we love most.

Jury Gualandris

Jury Gualandris, Director

Dr. Jury Gualandris is NBS’s Director. He is Associate Professor of Operations Management and Sustainability at Ivey Business School. He also works extensively with managers. At NBS, he is focused on creating more community and curated content to tighten the interface between research and practice to grow and sustain our impact on the most pressing problems in our world.

Tima Bansal

Tima Bansal, Founder and Senior Advisor

Dr. Tima Bansal founded NBS in 2003 and led it for 18 years. She is Professor of Strategy at Ivey Business School and directs Innovation North, a lab where leading corporations and organizations in Canada ‘innovate the innovation process.’ She continues to advise NBS and is passionate about its mission.

Maya Fischhoff

Maya Fischhoff, Knowledge Manager

As the Knowledge Manager for NBS, Maya develops and oversees NBS’s knowledge products (including systematic reviews, executive reports for business leaders, and applied guides and tools).

Abby Litchfield

Abby Litchfield, Community Manager

Abby supports many of NBS's activities, especially related to strategy, communications and partnerships. Always open to new ideas and opportunities, Abby builds relationships with NBS stakeholders, ultimately driving to expand the Network for Business Sustainability.

Matthew Lynch

Matthew Lynch, Director of Partnerships

Matthew is Director of Partnerships at NBS. He is also Associate Director of the Ivey Centre for Building Sustainable Value, NBS's sister organization. He has over 20 years’ experience in sustainability working with international organizations, NGOs and the private sector.

Light Naing

Light Naing, Specialist, Digital Communities

Light supports the activities of both NBS and Ivey Business School's Centre for Building Sustainable Value. At NBS, Light primarily maintains its digital operations, managing NBS’s website and newsletter pipeline. He works closely with team members to assist them in running NBS's digital operations smoothly and streamlining its internal processes.

Black and white headshot of Chelsea Hicks-Webster

Chelsea Hicks-Webster, Writer and Editor

Chelsea is a sustainability writer and editor at NBS. She leads the process of turning ideas into articles and podcasts and communicates with professionals, writers, and experts from around the world along the way.

Marie France Turcotte

Marie-France Turcotte, Senior Advisor

Marie-France Turcotte was previously involved with NBS's French counterpart, REDD. She now serves as a Senior Advisor. She is also a professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) in the department of strategy, social and environmental responsibility.

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