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People have valid questions about climate change causes, impacts, and solutions. Here are evidence-informed answers.

The “Degrowth” and “Post-Growth” movements imagine a world with new goals beyond profit. What does this mean for business?

I turned LinkedIn into an opportunity to engage with climate change skeptics. Here’s what I learned.


Green bonds can be a good place to start with sustainable finance. But they have limits, too. Here’s what they offer issuers, investors, and the planet.

In the US alone, fossil fuel supporters spend $500 million per year to block low-carbon policy. Here’s how to help balance the scales.


More frequent wildfires are damaging grapes in California. Wineries are sourcing grapes from more vineyards to reduce risk – and it’s paying off.

Oil and gas companies communicate about their ‘ambitious’ climate goals. But they are not taking nearly enough action.


African countries can thrive amidst climate change. But the international community needs to support a Just Transition. Climate expert Eunice Sampson explains.


The right government policy can trigger a transition away from fossil fuels. Learn best practices for low-carbon policy.

Small farmers are an important part of the food system, but they’re struggling. What should businesses and consumers do?

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