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Jury Gualandris is an Associate Professor of Operations Management and Sustainability at Ivey Business School and the Director of the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS). Jury’s academic work focuses on sustainability and competitiveness in supply chains. Under Jury, NBS will also focus more on building communities, so that people have a peer network to support them in creating change.

Articles by Jury Gualandris

Answers to Common Climate Change Questions

People have valid questions about climate change causes, impacts, and solutions. Here are evidence-informed answers.

I turned LinkedIn into an opportunity to engage with climate change skeptics. Here’s what I learned.

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Calculating scope 3 emissions is challenging. Building relationships among your suppliers and customers can help.


Being aware of our unconscious beliefs gives us new opportunities to behave sustainably. A business scholar and parenting coach explain.


Climate change is already impacting businesses physically and financially. Here’s how you can manage the risks and seize opportunities.


After NBS issued a statement on the Ukraine War, stakeholders weighed in. Director Jury Gualandris shares lessons about crisis response.

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Creating a circular economy requires involvement from businesses, the public sector, and researchers. Canada’s “Our Food Future” provides a model.

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Helping suppliers develop skills and knowledge can boost their sustainability performance. Leaders at HP and Philips describe the approach.

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If organizations built sustainability into purchasing, they could transform markets. This podcast describes how to realize that potential.

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