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Whether you teach accounting, marketing, or finance, sustainability plays a key role. Browse NBS’s resources to use in the classroom and inspire your teaching.

September is upon us. In many parts of the world, this means a new school year, new classes, new students, and new ideas.

The NBS library is a great resource for curriculum building. Here, we highlight some of the articles and media that can be easily be integrated into business courses. We release new materials every month, and we’re also organizing workshops for educators. Sign up for our Researcher Update newsletter to stay up to date. 

For Introductory Classes, the Basics of Business Sustainability

NBS’s “Basics” series is a continuously expanding resource. Each piece is written or reviewed by an expert. A selection is below.

For Those Who Love to Watch or Listen

Recognizing that people learn in different ways, we highlight some of our most engaging animated videos and podcasts. For more, subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out all of our podcasts by filtering our Resource Library.

Social sustainability often gets less attention than environmental sustainability. But it’s just as important.

Brands are increasingly held responsible for their suppliers’ social and environmental actions. Blockchain can create supply chain transparency. Read the linked article: “How Blockchain Improves Supply Chain Sustainability

The circular economy supports sustainability by enabling economic growth without greater resource use.

Business has a central role in advancing sustainable development. Here’s how to bring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into your company. Read the linked article: How to Tackle the Sustainable Development Goals.

Approach Issues Differently

We live in challenging times. To address modern issues, we need to think differently. Here are some recent articles with that focus.

Focus on Impact

What happens in the classroom and in the business school matters. Students and faculty have the potential to change their system. Here are some articles that celebrate that potential and offer direction.  

More Teaching Resources

Creative approaches are emerging to teaching and to the very purpose of business schools. NBS’s teaching library offers best practices for individual faculty, centres, and schools.

Don’t see the topic you’re looking for? Check out our Resource Library for more, or let us know what else you’d like to see at info@nbs.net. 

NBS also releases new materials every month, and we’re also organizing workshops for educators integrating sustainability. To stay in the loop, make sure to sign up for our Researcher Update newsletter. 

Get Involved

Are you an expert on a topic in business sustainability? Do you teach something that we haven’t covered? Reach out to info@nbs.net to ask about how you can help us produce frontier content.

Around the world, business school sustainability centres advance sustainability research, teaching, and outreach. In June, they’ll gather at the Sustainability Centres Community Workshop. 

About the Workshop

Business school sustainability centres are an essential part of meeting today’s sustainability challenges. The NBS Sustainability Centres Community exists to connect and support these centres in their work. It’s a network of almost 200 centres, at universities on every continent but Antarctica. 

Every two years, these centres come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of directing a sustainability centre. The 2023 Workshop will be in New York this June. It is co-hosted by the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative and part of Responsible Management Education Week, held in partnership with the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME).

The theme is  “Connecting for Impact.” For participants  at the workshop, this will mean (1) building synergies and (2) using systems thinking to advance sustainability, within and outside business schools.

Responsible Management Education Week brings together business school leaders, faculty, students, businesses and sustainable development organizations in New York (USA) from June 12-16.  Activities will be held at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus, on New York’s Upper West Side.

While the SCC Workshop is focused on June 14-15, and the PRME Global Forum focuses on June 13-14, members of each organization are invited and encouraged to attend all of Responsible Management Education Week. 

Information on the 2023 SCC Workshop


Register through the PRME Hopin Platform, and make sure to select a combination ticket that includes all the programming you’d like to attend. For the full SCC experience that is ticket #4: 2023 Global Forum + Systems Day Workshop. The fee for this ticket is $599 USD. However, tickets for systems day alone are also available for individuals who cannot attend the entire workshop. 

The first 80 SCC members to register can use a promo code for $100 off a combined ticket. Contact info@nbs.net for the code (before you register).

We also encourage you to also explore and consider the additional activities are available June 12 and 16 hosted by other partners.

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