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We have more than 600 evidence-based reports, articles, podcasts and videos on real-world sustainability challenges. It’s all free for use in the classroom. See our full resource library to search by topic.

And please refer your students to our website. Our resources cover all areas of sustainable business and would be an asset in all their classes. Here’s a slide you can share in class.

Best practices for teaching

Below, you’ll also find a collection of resources showcasing best practices for teaching sustainable business.

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Business students shouldn’t have to wait until graduate school to become engaged in sustainability. An undergraduate certificate program created a network of change agents.

Business schools should create positive impact, a new rating system argues. Four Deans describe how their schools are achieving that goal.

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Academics increasingly collaborate across disciplinary boundaries to tackle major sustainability challenges. Such interdisciplinarity has benefits and challenges.

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NBS Sustainability Centres Community members share insights related to handling COVID-19, running a centre, and advancing the sustainability transformation.

Business school students want to change their curriculum and the broader world. Let’s talk about how they can do it.

MBAs focus on the short term, harming companies and communities. Experts identify paths to a longer-term outlook.

How business schools misinterpreted economics.

New tools help students communicate better. Faculty and staff can use them as well.

Serious games provide a new way to learn about complex systems. MIT's David Keith describes how instructors can "drive the future."

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