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We have more than 600 evidence-based reports, articles, podcasts and videos on real-world sustainability challenges. It’s all free for use in the classroom. See our full resource library to search by topic.

And please refer your students to our website. Our resources cover all areas of sustainable business and would be an asset in all their classes. Here’s a slide you can share in class.

Best practices for teaching

Below, you’ll also find a collection of resources showcasing best practices for teaching sustainable business.

Today's decision makers haven't done a great job addressing climate change. Business schools are trying to prepare the next generation of leaders. One innovative course builds negotiation skills relevant to decision-makers from any sector.


When does the website for a research methods course get 30,000 hits? When the course shows how to make research rigorous and relevant.

Sustainability educators are mostly dissatisfied with their teaching resources. Moving forward requires diverse tools and a new look at assumptions.

Few local cases are available for non-Western countries. Ten business schools are addressing this challenge through collaborative case writing.

Students run a socially responsible investment fund. They explain why the fund is a powerful learning tool and how they achieve 50% returns in ISR.

Students learn about sustainability when exposed to topics incrementally, throughout their degree. University of Colorado staff describe the approach.

When India made CSR a requirement for the public sector, the Xavier Institute of Management showed companies how to adapt.

Directors of the Environment and Business program at University of Waterloo describe its structure and offer advice on improving sustainability education.

The innovative Wealth Building Practicum involves students in community development initiatives. Leaders at the University of Maryland share insights.

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