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People have valid questions about climate change causes, impacts, and solutions. Here are evidence-informed answers.

I turned LinkedIn into an opportunity to engage with climate change skeptics. Here’s what I learned.

What does it take to green transit? Changing culture is the hardest part, says a leading innovator.


Social enterprises aim to improve the world and earn revenue. Learn how a leading social enterprise achieves goals – and faces limits.

Activist pressure led to a new direction in PVC packaging in Europe. “Greenpeace forced us into partnership kicking and screaming, but Greenpeace has done us a lot of good.”

When AGL Energy shifted from coal to renewables, politicians attacked. Here's why firms must engage stakeholders in high-stakes environmental decisions.

A team of rivals is making the denim industry more sustainable. NBS research guides the collaboration.

Globalization is under fire. Researcher Leanne Cutcher unpacks the appeal and power of “local” — and why we can’t truly break away from global dynamics.

Four-fifths of CEOs are experimenting with alternative business models or thinking of doing so.

The Chilean city of Antofagasta is using participatory design to work with companies and government to create a community people want to live in.

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