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Sustainable Finance

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When done strategically, investments in social and environmental activities can reduce market risk by stabilizing the volatility of your firm's stock price.

These four indicators will help your business measure greenhouse gases across the value chain.

Managers may feel lost at sea with the many sustainability metrics and tools. Discover five that work in NBS's Executive Report on Valuing Sustainability.

The authors apply a stakeholder management lens to the recurring question: why do some firms have higher financial performance than others?

This primer introduces basic terminology and provides an overview of key issues to help you translate CSR activities into financial value.

Building firm reputation through good CSR strategies can drive financial performance and improve your corporate perception on the market.

Firms that appear environmentally responsible experience lower stock market risk. This study offers firms a clear motivation for acting responsibly.

Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy can payoff for a firm - but only at very low or very high levels.

63 % of studies reveal positive correlation between sustainability and financial performance.

Measure the value of sustainable business activities with tools and metrics.

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